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Updated: Jun 11, 2023

Hello you! Hello Magazine! Hello Kalie, hello from Caroline!

May I present colorful designs, wisdom, force and wit in the spirit of Kalie! Kalie is not only the goddess of... Kalie - well Cali - is also my nickname - just felt, the K works better with the spirit of my designs - even though I love the roundness of the C - let's say I'm living between K and C ;-).

How, when and why?

We've been designing stuff at home since our childhood - father is an art professor. I also wanted to design furniture some day. Also drew dresses and such without an aim. My aunt came to the idea for me to design fabric patterns. Also I lived in this apartment with huge white walls in Vienna and needed something colorful, so I began drawing. When I wanted to sleep, I began seeing clothing like on a catwalk one by one flipping in my mind, so I began getting up and drew. Somehow they haunted me, - so I took it as a gift and made something out of it.

As many know, I am also a musician, composer and actress, therefore sometimes I need more time than my passion wishes to finish up the designs. Follow my social media or the newsletter to get informed as soon as new things are ready!

Below, find a photo, let's say self portrait. I am still on my way into getting into photography. I suffer a little from days only having 24 hours, I guess you know what I mean, but meanwhile trying out some photoshoots for this magazine. You can hopefully see it evolve over time and maybe see some fashion photography in the future?!

If the designs here are not your style, check out my aunt's brand , elegant, youthful designs for all ages!

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