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It's Caroline Mirkes, the creator, designer & leader of Kalie.

Kalie is not only the Hindu goddess of creation and destruction, it also means "the good" in Greek and is the more fancy version of my nickname Cali. Loving its easy, bright sound, this is, where Kalie Universe started.​ Well kind of...

...most good things come between trying to do serious things.


So, while I was trying to squeeze into the path of a classical musician, I stayed adventurous enough to notice the images that came randomly into my head before falling asleep at night. After numerous guests asking "where did you buy those wall arts?" and seeming to sincerely enjoy the colours and the playful vibe, I began thinking about selling them.

Kalie Design is one part of the Kalie Universe, whereas the other parts, currently KalieHEART (music & art lessons) & KalieFLOW (inspire yourself) are in development and can be followed over my youtube channel before receiving their own websites when they are broader.

I thank you for your interest,



P.S. I'm from Luxembourg, as you can guess...


Used one of my wall arts as a carpet in my new practice hub. It's printed on Velum-Tex Vlies. 

Carpet prints will be available at some point.

This was the first large wall art in my apartment of the time, 3 years ago.


Projects like these illustrations for my mum's music theory books, kept me connected to drawing funny little creatures, as I have always been doing as a child and youth.

Must have been like 7 years ago...


Any good idea begins with trash...

This photo was made 10 years ago and I remember, that I felt a little bit weird creating these out of nowhere instead of practicing cello for my university studies.


Only noticed this some short time ago:

I used the so-thought new Kalie-colour-combination already 13 years ago on my first CD cover design!

You've always been, who you are going to become..

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